Organizamos travesías a cualquier lugar del mundo


En Melee Travels somos una agencia especializada en viajes a medida en barco por cualquier lugar del mundo, solo dinos donde te gustaría navegar y nosotros nos encargaremos de investigar la viabilidad y darte toda la información.


Te quedan  muchos archipiélagos por divisar, aún muchas islas por descubrir, y muchos bellos rincones por explorar.

Si nos propones un lugar en el que te gustaría navegar te daremos los pros y contras, partir de los cuales podrás decidir que hacer.

Las posibilidades de descubrir nuevos lugares desde el mar son infinitas, lugares que nunca antes hubieras imaginado que existían. Solo cuéntanos aquel sueño que siempre se repite, un paraje tropical, y tú en la cubierta de un velero, nosotros te podemos ayudar a hacerlo realidad.


Ponte delante un globo terráqueo y busca con el dedo un lugar que te gustaría descubrir. No importa lo alejado o remoto que sea, mucho mejor.

Algunos de los criterios en que basaremos nuestro estudio de viabilidad de la zona consultada para darte la información son:

  • Meteorología
  • Accesibilidad
  • Embarcaciones disponibles
  • Lugares de interés
  • Fauna y flora
  • Calidad de las aguas
  • Presupuesto aproximado



Con más de 25.000 millas bajo la quilla, he navegado en muchas zonas del mundo buscando las mejores travesías.
En Mêlée Travels te quiero mostrar todo lo que aprendí y descubrí de esos lugares mágicos que el mar nos ofrece.




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Maite GonzalezMaite Gonzalez
09:11 04 Nov 23
Brilliant!! Wonderful experience, on the Costa Esmeralda, it was my first time...and I will repeat, Joan, a super capiHe gives you a lot of security and is a professionalAnd Anita pampered us a lot with her dishes and her company, and the super group.And the journey both on sea and on landIt felt short, what a feeling of freedomI recommend it 💯
CARMELA GonzalezCARMELA Gonzalez
22:49 24 Sep 23
Very good navigation!
Adria ComosAdria Comos
13:37 24 Sep 23
Great experience! Experienced captain and great assistant (great cook). Vacation taken advantage of 100%! 👍
Marta MMarta M
13:57 21 Sep 23
Wonderful experience, good organization and visits to very beautiful places. We returned delighted from the Croatian Islands!
Francesc HernanzFrancesc Hernanz
15:42 20 Sep 23
Costa Esmeralda, dream destination. Joan, the best possible boss. Having a cook included has no name, it is a quantum leap in comfort. And the quality of the cooking was spectacular. All of this made us spend an unforgettable week and made a very beautiful human cone. Thank you Joan and Anita!!
Mónica SMónica S
10:05 20 Sep 23
An experience out of ten! It couldn't have gone better... the boat, the company, the skipper... it wasn't the first time I'd done this type of trip but it was the first time with Mêlée and it has been the best by far. Thank you Joan for your patience and I hope to meet again on a new adventure.
An experience to repeat. I have made a trip with a friend through Ibiza and Formentera and we have been more than satisfied. First of all, the professionalism and formality shown by the staff. From the first moment, they informed us of the details of the trip, being totally clear and transparent with the conditions of the trip. Secondly, the skipper of the boat, Joan, has been charming, not only in his work, but also as a person. He has been very kind and close, worrying about the well-being and safety of all the crew members. He knows the area in which he navigates perfectly and always has alternatives to anchor if the sea conditions are somewhat adverse. All this so that customers can make the most of the experience. Thirdly, the rest of the crew group has been a pleasure. We have gotten along very well and we have created a very good atmosphere on board. Finally, the area in which we have sailed and the experiences we have had (such as sunrises, sunsets, dinners on the mainland or activities such as snorkeling or paddle surfing) have made a week seem like two days.I recommend this company and this captain 100%. I'll sail with them again!
Conchi blancoConchi blanco
14:04 02 Sep 23
Thank you Joan, this experience has been like a dream come true.In love with the color of the waters of Ibiza/Formentera. I think that everyone should live this experience with Mêlée Travels. It has been a fascinating adventure and difficult to match.We have enjoyed the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets we have ever seen, with a full moon included, unforgettable!Sailing and feeling the wind while watching the dance of the sails or diving in front of more idyllic beaches is a wonder that is very difficult to describe.I made the journey with a friend and when I got there I met wonderful people.It has been a trip of 10 in all aspects.100% recommended.Thank you very much for everything Joan, I will repeat for sure!
Luis RamirezLuis Ramirez
11:51 02 Sep 23
Joan thank you, from my experiences at sea this one already has a hole in my heart. Both the human group that got on that boat last Saturday and you have managed to make these days a wonderful adventure. Count on this sailor for more. Hug
David PonsDavid Pons
17:40 26 Oct 22
Our experienced Skipper advised us and took us to amazing spots
alicia suárezalicia suárez
10:07 29 Sep 22
Hello Joan, we loved the boat, it was super careful, and the crew was super charming all the time with us. The meals were abundant and delicious, they treated us like royalty and it was the best ship we could have been on. It's great that you offer it on your page. Thank you so much for everything.
Miguel CidMiguel Cid
22:16 08 Aug 20
An unforgettable experience! And an excellent sailor 🙂 Both the beaches in Mallorca and the excursion we did were great.We will repeat !!
Olga RoaOlga Roa
12:27 29 Jan 20
Our first time was two summers ago, through the Greek islands, an unforgettable experience, to be repeated.Joan's perfect organization and management, in addition to her advice
I did a trip through the Kornatti islands with Mêlée travels. The sea is calm (for beginners it is ideal) and with unforgettable sunrises. We were also lucky to have Joan as a skipper who, in addition to his duties, has the added bonus of close personal treatment and explains navigation keys to you, making the experience more enriching. Totally recommended and repeatable
Alberto M.Alberto M.
16:16 04 Feb 19
Great Experience with the whole team on Board. I spent 1 week some years ago sailing along Croatia Islands coast with Joan and his wife and it was a very nice experience. The boat, the crew, the views, the stories and memories will be with me forever. Thanks to Joan for being our Captain and I deeply encourage new travelers to sail the Sea with Melee Travels. I sure will do it again. Highly recommended.


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