Greece holiday prices 2016

Below are Greece holiday prices from June to September 2016 per person for the Greek Islands Sailing Route: Ionian Islands.

IMPORTANT: Fares include everything onboard the boat, cabin for 7 nights, food and drink, Spanish skipper, fuel, ports of call, fishing equipment, snorkeling equipment and sheets and towels. The tourist tax of 1 euro/day per person is also included. The cook is only available to private groups, not individual fares.

These fares may be lower if an offer is available for the fleet in the area at the time of booking.

The table below shows fares of individual fares for Greece holidays for the maritime route only, not for the tours:

Prices Greece 2016







Prices are in euros.

*There is a extra of +60 euros in case of private toilet is required during the sailing week in the boat. In any other case toilet is shared. Only bookings of at least two people can accept this option.

* The extra for doble room for single use requirement is + 30% of the normal fare.

Fares for Greece maritime routes (first table) include:

  • Accommodation in double cabin all week.
  • Fuel for the boat, dinghy and other equipment related to the sailboat or catamaran.
  • Price of mooring in ports of call on the set Greece routes, maximum two days in port.
  • Meals and drinks (no alcohol, except beer in moderate consumption) for all days on the Greece sailing routes; cook not included.
  • Bed linen and towels, snorkel gear and fishing equipment.

Fares for Greece sailing routes don’t include:

  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Meals outside the boat during the sailing days.
  • Alcoholic beverages on the boat (except beer, in a moderate consumption).
  • The chef. The group cook for themselves. Common on these types of trips, it is part of the experience, although there are often options to leave sailboat to eat out.
  • Contract insurance –> Travel insurance.


We offer fantastic tours across Greece that also include the sailing route.


Boats available for individual fares:

Type V 43-46 boats are for groups with a maximum of 7 people

Type V 50 boats are for groups with a maximum of 9 people

Boats available for private groups include those listed above and:

Type C 40-45 boats are for groups with a maximum of 9 people –> contact for price



  • Repeat clients 10% (just in individual fares).


All the sailing routes listed above are for one week in duration, and they can be linked to any other tour.

Saturdays are the days on which one group disembarks in the morning and the next group leaves at mid-day.


Fares for Greece package tours for private groups are available upon request. This is because the prices will depend on the individual preferences of each group. Price per person for this type of trip is usually less than individual fares.

Sailboats chosen for private group trips are shown in the Boat rental section. Groups can choose the boat they want based on what’s available, after agreeing this with us.



In the following link, information is shown regarding the General Terms & Conditions that each person who contracts services with the Agency must read and accept along with the proper contract.