Travel alone sailing to Croatia, Greece or Thailand

We want to make the adventure of sailing between amazing places like Croatia, Greece and Thailand available to everyone. Insetad of having to hire a boat, you can reserve a cabin or two, depending on the size of the group, thus sharing the boat with more people. Visit our Organized sailing trips in case you need a private group.

An adventure aboard a sailboat is the ideal setting to meet people, share experiences and enjoy nature up close, learning things that you had never before imagined. This is also the perfect trip to share with friends, spending exciting moments together. Visit our Croatian Routes and Greece Routes to take a look at our proposed itineraries.

Since the profile of people who enjoy this type of activity is similar, there are always very good relationships among the people aboard the ship, and they often establish great friendships. Given that we make stops frequently, either at port or in a cove, you also have the chance to have quiet moments alone, too, or time to share with your travelling companion. We anchor frequently from island to island, as the distances between them are not too great, and we visit islands and take cultural excursions to the villages.

individual-trip-croatiaOn the Croatia sailing route for individuals or companions we sail on a V 43-46 or V 50 type boat.

On the Thailand sailing route we sail on a C 38-40 or C 45 type catamaran, depending on the number of people on board and the boats available.

On the Seychelles sailing trip we sail on a C 38-40 or C 44 type catamaran. For more information about the boats, visit Sailing cruise: sailboat or catamaran.



To get an idea of what the trip is like, here’s a sample agenda for sailing trips, either solo or with a companion:

  • We wake up fairly early but we can choose to get up later. We prepare breakfast and, depending on the day’s itinerary, we can enjoy the cove or beach where we’ve stayed for the night – swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing.
  • We plot the journey and set off to the next cove or beach, looking for wind with which we can enjoy the experience of sailing to the next location where we’ll stop and explore. We may go ashore and take ​​a small hike to the interior of the island. Each crew decides what activity they prefer to do on any given day.
  • Later that day we sail to the next cove, where we’ll prepare lunch followed by a few dips in the water.
  • Later still we’ll visit one of the small coastal villages of the island. We’ll enter the port, if there is one, and have a cultural visit.
  • Now that it’s evening, we’ll decide if we want to stay the night there or in a more relaxing cove where we can anchor without problem. Since we’re travelling on our own boat, the whole group can decide what to do next and the options are flexible.
  • If we decide to stay the night in the port, now that the sun has gone down, we can prepare the fishing equipment and find a good spot to cast in.
  • Later we’ll have dinner and relax with a drink under the starry sky.

travel-alone-sailingSailing involves being part of a crew where each individual on the boat brings something to the whole team; this is a key element in an atypical situation like living on a boat. In these circumstances, group cooperation is important.

We all know well that traveling in groups involves some minimal rules of coexistence. It is worth mentioning that we must always be organized and respectful of the space of others.

On individually priced trips or with a friend, kitchen and upkeep tasks on board are carried out in teams of two, which trade off throughout the trip.

All the responsibilities of navigation and maintenance of the boat equipment are the responsibility of the captain from Melee Travels, although on occasion we may require a bit of help from the crewmembers in specific situations. The spirit of a wonderful sailing trip requires that everyone get along well.

Regarding decision-making, the planned route, the best places to visit, etc., we have already determined this. Nevertheless, we never want our itineraries to be extremely strict; flexibility is always possible at times, so the group can decide what they prefer depending on the situation.