Travel Agency: Organized sailing holidays

travel-agency-croatia-thailand-seychelles-crisMy partner and I are modest people. I’m a maritime professional and she’s a nurse. She and I make up part of this travel agency. We offer organized sailing holidays through Croatia, Thailand and Seychelles in our sailing routes. We want to give other travelers the chance to have an authentic experience on the sea, filled with endless adventure and activities.

We realized early on that our voyages on the sea make us see the world differently. Our travels have taught us to appreciate all the sea has to offer: a world of experiences and feelings.


travel-agency-croatia-thailand-seychelles-joanOur travel agency promises to take care of even the smallest detail, that’s why we don’t offer simple holidays. We want to share with you all the sea has to offer with you: the most pristine coves, the most charming towns, theand the most transparent water. Our goal is that, when the holiday is over, you don’t won’t feel that it’s been just another vacation, rather the that it was a great trip with the amazingincredible moments that you’ve beenyou had been looking for searching for.

We realizedrecognized that it was not enough to tell stories and show photos of our amazingincredible trips. Instead wWe decided to actually share all the beauty found on our travels journeys with others, sharing so that they could take part and make their ownall the emotions created memoriesduring our journeys. In this way, we began working toward our dream of owning our own travel agency.

Travel Agency Objectives:

The main objective of the travel agency is to offer a complete holiday. Combining a cultural holiday with relaxation and adventure is possible when sailing from island to island. With our organized sailing trips, we hope to offer you enriching moments that you’ll remember fondly for a very long time.

Without a doubt, one of the best things about this type of sailing cruise is the variety of activities available to everyone at whatever moment suits them. A skippered boat trip allows us to make cultural visits to small towns, go hiking on the islands, go pole-and-line fishing while we sail, and to dock at night, snorkel at any time, and, why not, tan in the sun and stargaze upon a clear, starry night. There will be time for everything.

travel-agency-croatia-thailand-seychellesOn an organized sailing trip we can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  Sail with the dolphins, dock in hidden coves, go hiking through little-traveled forests and jungles, dive beneath the waters with thousands of fish – these experiences make us feel that we truly are part of nature.

We will sail from island to island in a clear direction but without a defined path. We’ll visit hamlets and fishing villages, absorbing their culture and the customs of daily life. One by one, we’ll dock at the most beautiful coves and beaches that only boats can reach. We’ll spend the night in peaceful and solitary inlets, where we’ll be isolated from everything, and feel thankful for these moments.