Thailand Tours: 2015 Prices

The following table shows the 2016 prices for the Thailand vacation itineraries.

At the moment the routes will be available from March 20 until March 28. It’s expected to extend the routes to new dates soon.

If you would like to travel between June and September, please check out our Croatia sailing routes and Greek Islands Sailing routes.

You can find more information about the itineraries for both sea routes through Thailand in the destinations sections of Thailand Islands Sailing Route (1).


The following table is for individual fares only for maritime routes, not for the tours:

prices Thailand 2016

* Prices are in euros.

* The extra cost is +50% in case of individual use cabin requirement.

* The boat is a Lagoon 400 (12). A fantastic catamaran considered of new generation, spacious and confortable with a capacity for 8 customers.

* Groups are 6 minimum and 8 maximum.

Thailand trip prices for maritime route includes:

  • Lodging in the boat cabin for the planned route(s).
  • Fuel, dinghy and other related equipment for the sailboat or catamaran.
  • The cost of mooring in established ports of call throughout the Croatia route.
  • Cooker and skipper.
  • Food and soft drinks.
Thailand trip prices for maritime route does not includes:
  • Flights to destination.
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Lunch and dinner on the days before and after landing, which will not take place on the boat.
  • Alcoholic beverages on the boat (except beer, in a responsible consumption).
  • Extra activities and natural parks.


  • Scuba diving: 60 Euro/2 dives of 45 minutes each. Organized in coordination with diving centers in the area. Especially on the islands of Koh Rok, Koh Kradan and Hin Daeng (60 eur/dive).


  • Repeat clients 5%.


The prices for the trips in organized trips to Croatia for private groups mode will be gaven on request.

Boats available for group travel are shown in the section rent a boat. The group may also choose a boat that’s available on the market by talking with us beforehand to agree upon a boat.


For groups up to 9 people:               Boats C -38-40   (12 meters)

contact for price.


For groups up to 11 people:              Boats C 45   (14 meters)

contact for price.


In addition, all of the Thailand tours include the option to add three additional days to the trip and visit Kao Sok National Park, 160km north of Phuket, where you can explore the least-touched jungle in the whole country, venturing into giant caves, rafting the river Sok and much more. This is no doubt highly recommended. The additional cost is 250 Euros per person and includes everything on the visit except for food for the three days.