Thailand sailing route (1)

Thailand sailing route (1) is 8 days long and goes through the Indian Ocean in the Andaman Sea, in the western zone of Thailand. The route starts in Phuket, a suitable place for visitors to Thailand to start their trip through the numerous islands that emerge from the sea between here and southern Thailand, before reaching the boarder with Malaysia.

As mentioned, all the islands in the area on Route 1 are stunning; they’re small pieces of paradise, covered with rainforest, white sandy beaches and beautiful coral floors. With all this to choose from, we have to be sure to visit the most beautiful, a difficult choice.

Some of the activities include snorkeling and diving all day, exploring interior jungles, observing the rich flora and fauna, touring of giant caves, fishing at sunset, exploring the coast by kayak, barbecuing on the beach at dusk, etc.

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Thailand sailing route (1)


Day 1: Marina Phuket – Koh Yao Islands (20 M)

Day 2:  Koh Yai Islands – Koh Hong – Phra-Nang Beach y Rai Lai (30M)

Day 3: Playa Phra-Nang – Phi Phi Islands (18 M)

Day 4:  Phi Phi Islands – Koh Ha – Koh Lanta (32 M)

Day 5: Koh Lanta – Koh Mook – Koh Kradan (18 M)

Day 6: Koh Kradan – Koh Rok (12 M)

Day 7: Koh Rok – Hin Daeng – Koh Racha (45 M)

Day 8: Koh Racha – Marina Phuket (38 M)

Total miles: 213


Day 1:

thailand-sailing-route (1)The Thailand sailing route starts by setting sail in Phuket Marina at mid-day once we’ve confirmed that the boat is seaworthy and everything is prepared. We’ll sail toward the neighboring island Koh Yao Yai, which is part of the  Ao Phang-Nga National Park. With its imposing mountains and preserved beaches, the area is famous because it’s a common area where Muslim fishing families come to fish. This is a magnificent place to start relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the area. Travelers will take their first dip in the water and it will be our first night aboard the ship. We will eagerly await what’s to come on this sailing trip through Thailand.

Day 2:

thailand-sailing-route (2)We get up and, after a good breakfast and a satisfying morning swim; we’ll head toward Koh Hung Island, which is found within the Tharnbok Korannee National Park. The enchanting nature of this small, uninhabited island with beaches of fine sand and jungle-covered cliffs is found in its hidden lagoon—perfectly round and beautiful.

thailand-sailing-route (3)Later we’ll depart for Phra-Nang and Rai Lai beach, famous in Thailand for the number of climbers who frequent its hillsides and surrounding caves. It is worth spending some time exploring the area and the nearby beaches, admiring how the high surrounding mountains fall to the sea. We’ll spend the night in beautiful Rai Lai Bay, which neighbors the Phra-Nang Beach.

Day 3:

thailand-sailing-route (4)The moment has come; we’ll get up feeling excited about the day ahead of us. Today, our Thailand boat route will make a stop in the Koh Phi Phi islands, without a doubt one of the most special places where we have ever been; there are no words to describe it. We’ll first sail toward the big island of Koh Phi Phi Don. This beautiful island is not quite the same as it was before the masses of tourists began arriving, however, it is still very beautiful.

thailand-sailing-route (5)We’ll visit Monkey Bay later, famous for the number of monkeys found there. The monkeys are funny and mischievous. Tourists can play with them as they wish.

Our visit to the island of Phi Phi Lee, the little sister of the former island, will leave us completely speechless. Here we find “the beach”. You’ll recognize Maya Beach from the movie  “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio.

thailand-sailing-route (6)There are no adjectives to describe this amazing place – everything fits perfectly, the precise height of the mountains within the green jungle background leading down to the turquoise bay – truly spectacular. It couldn’t be so without the neighboring Pilah Bay and its lagoon almost completely closed off by tall mountains, a place where everything has a purpose. This is probably the closest to paradise any of us has ever dreamed of being.

It’s one of the most beautiful places on the boat Thailand sailing trip.

 Day 4:

thailand-sailing-route (7)After walking all over the Phi Phi islands, and with a little sadness, we weigh anchor and set sail to Koh Lanta Island, one of the islands with the most kilometers of beach in the area. First, however, we make landfall in the small and marvelous island of Koh Ha – a rocky island with a unique and beautiful sandy beach, where we’ll enjoy snorkeling on one of the best sea floors in the area.

thailand-sailing-route (8)Later the boat route takes us to Koh Lanta, an island that forms part of the Mu Ko Lanta Marine National Park. We’ll visit the south part of the island, which is less influenced by tourists. Here we’ll find the island’s best beaches. We can make trips from this point to the interior of the island, entering the jungle. With a little luck we can also visit an interior waterfall, given that the year hasn’t been too dry. A wide variety of options are available to travelers who want to spend a day relaxing on one of the most emblematic islands of Thailand.

Day 5:

thailand-sailing-route (9)Our sailing route through Thailand continues toward the south. We arrive at the island of Koh Muk. This is a truly wonderful island. The beautiful beaches on the western-most part of the island are clearly differentiated from the less graceful part in the east where we find a small Thai settlement whose small jungle-covered mountain in the north leads down to the beach. It’s the island’s emerald cave (Tham Morakot) that makes it truly special. This cave juts 80 meters into the mountain and flows into an idyllic beach surrounded by cliffs, forming a type of chimney. Pirates used to hide their treasure here. It’s definitely a magical place in Thailand that we will not miss.

thailand-sailing-route (10)After having lunch, we’ll head toward the small, long island just in front of this island – Koh Kradan – probably the island with the best beaches of the Thai islands that surround it. It’s sand is fine and white, the sea floor is fine – one of the best dishes served on this trip. Travelers will spend a good while snorkeling in its corals and with a little luck we can catch a glimpse of turtles and lionfish. We’ll find a good place to drop anchor and spend the night on the leeward side of the island.


Day 6:

thailand-sailing-route (11)After enjoying the marvelous Koh Kradan Island, we’ll point our prow toward yet another spectacular island, the wild Koh Rok Island. There are no hotels or resorts on this remote island. It’s a completely untouched island with a beautiful bay and a long beach where we will snorkel among amazing coral again.

As mentioned in the extras section, travellers can take part in two diving activities at the diving center of one of our partners during this sailing route through Thailand and on this island thailand-sailing-route (12)specifically. This option is highly recommended because the sea floor is beautiful here.

Travelers should be careful when entering the island as a strange group of dragons up to a meter and a half tall walk freely throughout the island. They are considered harmless but it’s important to always take the necessary precautions. This island is a joy for the more adventurous, and because of its unspoiled beauty, we will spend all day exploring it thoroughly.

Day 7:

thailand-sailing-route (13)After spending a whole day lost on the amazing and remote island of Koh Rok, we’ll sail toward the north – thus far we’ve primarily sailed south. We’ll head toward the Koh Racha islands, close to Phuket. The trip is a little bit long but we’ll make ourselves comfortable on the sailboat with a good book and a drink. It’s likely that dolphins will come to greet us and encourage us on our way.

First, we’ll anchor on the island of Hin Daeng, forgotten on the high seas and considered a five-star diving location where one can see great catacea and submarine life. This is without a doubt the best place to put on your diving goggles in both Thailand and for hundreds of miles around. Here we have the unique opportunity to thailand-sailing-route (14)see whale sharks and manta rays. As in Koh Rok, on this boat trip through Thailand travelers can dive with a partner diving center. This is highly recommended – for more information see the extras section. We’ll enjoy this beautiful and colorful sea floor that we will surely miss when we’re gone. Then, we’ll set off again on our original path toward the Koh Racha islands.

thailand-sailing-route (15)We’ll arrive on the Koh Racha islands at sunset. These two islands 12km south of Phuket are well known for the magnificent seabed surrounding them. The southernmost island is uninhabited and one of its precious bays is the perfect place to spend the night. We can also spend the night on the northern island and have a barbeque on the beach or find a party to have a few drinks. There are many options and the decision is up to the group.

Day 8:

thailand-sailing-route (16)We’ll leave the Koh Racha islands behind and continue on our way toward the north, reaching Phuket, which has been in our sights almost since leaving the previous islands. We’ll navigate the west coast of Phuket Island, visiting some of its best beaches. The boat route through Thailand is coming to an end as we take our final dip in one of the many beaches on the western side of the island. We arrive at Phuket Marina at sunset.