Thailand has some of the most beautiful spots in the world, with friendly people, awe-inspiring temples, and impossibly-shaped cliffs leading down to amazing beaches. Experience a truly authentic visit to Thailand by boat.

thailand-sailing-vacation-ko-phi-phiOn the islands and along the coast of southern Thailand, your dream holiday will become reality. If what you look for in a boat trip to Thailand is solitude, there are islands where the only footprints to be found in the sand are your own. Yet you can enjoy places with a livelier atmosphere where you can have a good time; have a fresh fish barbecue on the beach, all within reach of our boat. All accessible from our Thailand sailing routes.

A Thailand sailing vacation by boat is much more than just beaches and sun, it includes protected areas with conserved tropical old growth forests and their waterfalls and many caves—a paradise for walkers. There’s also the chaotic city of Bangkok, with fantastic temples, an interesting museum, restaurants of all types, and lively nightlife—you must thailand-sailing-vacation-ayutthayasee it at least once in your lifetime. There’s the magnificent ancient capital of Ayutthaya, with its towering temples that take you back in time. We’ll have time for everything on our sailing trip through Thailand. We’ll visit Bangkok and one of the best-preserved rainforests of Thailand, Khao Sok, all from aboard the ship. We’ll get to all the most beautiful places in the spectacular southern islands of Thailand, stopping along the way to snorkel and explore the fantastic seabed, take trips to interior rainforests, or just relax on the bow of the boat in the sun with a cold beer in hand.

On trips to Thailand many tourists seek that piece of paradise they’ve so often dreamed of, and more often than not they find it. There are few people who have returned home disappointed after a trip to Thailand. Most return thailand-sailing-vacation-phang-ngahaving been amazed by its non-stop landscapes fit for postcards, its vertical cliffs that lead down to white sandy beaches, its pristine nature. The friendly people and gastronomy make Thailand a delightful country that offers travelers a host of opportunities. Thus, Thailand is one of the destinations Europeans most want to visit. Despite the throngs of tourists who seek its wonders, we won’t have to worry as we will be on our own boat and can find our own deserted islands and hidden beaches. All we have to do is sail through the crystal waters of the Andaman Sea.

Our trip will take place on the Andaman Sea. Adventurous travelers will enjoy this wonderful group of islands in the south of the Andaman Sea, geographically located on the border with Malaysia. They’re considered the most beautiful islands of Thailand and have less influx of people than the eastern islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Starting with the unique and indispensable Phi Phi islands, and continuing through the spectacular Koh Rok, Koh Mook, Koh Lanta, Koh Kradan and many more, these islands boast thailand-sailing-vacation-blue-cave1interior jungles, extremely beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. We’ll sail among some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

On this sailing trip through Thailand we won’t need anyone to remind how beautiful this place is, nor will we have to read it in a magazine or see a report on television. We’ll be there and believe our own eyes, feeling very fortunate to be on this boat trip in this amazing place.