Organized sailing trips to Croatia, Greece and Thailand

On an organized sailing trip to Croatia, Greece or Thailand is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the holiday you always dreamed of with your friends and family. Combine family and great experiences in places like Croatia, Greece and Thailand.  In this type of trip you would rent a boat exclusively for one group and only the people you want to travel with will be on the trip. Some of our exciting routes are: the Croatia Sailing Trip: Dalmatia and the Greek Islands Sailing route.

Unlike with individually trips, where individual travelers form the group, a custom-made trip can be created for organized group trips.  While routes with the best locations in the area already available, you can also take a different route if you’d like to – perhaps to visit a specific village or anchor in a beach you’d like to see.

The main differences between the two types of trips are:

organized-trips-croatia-thailand-seychelles– As mentioned, the route can be changed or modified per the preferences of the group.

– Instead of having a pre-determined specific type of boat as we do on the trips in Croatia, Greece and Thailand, on custom-made tours we can choose any type of boat, such as V 43-46, V 50, or C 38-40 o C 44, see sailing cruise: sailboat or catamaran.  It’s possible to choose another type of boat if that is your preference.

– Hiring an onboard chef means that the crew doesn’t have to worry about cooking.

Here’s the itinerary for a typical day on a custom-made organized sailing trip:

We wake up pretty early but with the option to get up later. We prepare breakfast and, depending on the day’s itinerary, we can enjoy the cove or beach where we’ve stayed for the night – swimming, snorkeling or sunbathing.

  • We plot the journey and set off to the next cove or beach, looking for wind with which we can enjoy the experience of sailing to the next location where we’ll stop and explore. We may go ashore and take ​​a small hike to the interior of the island. Each crewmember decides what activity they prefer to do on any given day.
  • Later that day we sail to the next cove, where we’ll prepare lunch followed by a few dips in the water.
  • Later, when we’ve stopped in a little coastal village on the island, we’ll stop at the port – if there is one – and visit the island. On a custom-made trip we can visit the little remote villages and forgotten parts of the island that are impossible to reach on foot, by car or ferry. An organized trip gives us the chance to reach them.
  • Now that it’s evening, we’ll decide if we want to stay the night there or in a more relaxing cove where we can anchor easily.
  • If we decide to stay the night in the port, now that the sun has gone down, we can prepare the fishing equipment and find a good spot to cast in.
  • Later we’ll have dinner and relax with a drink beneath the starry sky.