• What should I do if I’m not interested in any of the specific routes that are available?

Each route can be modified – any part of any route can be removed and another added.

  • I’ve never been in a boat of this type, what’s the journey like, how long will we sail per day, where will we sleep, what happens if there is bad weather, etc.?

The trip goes from one island to another making landfall in the most beautiful beaches and coves, visiting each island and also emblematic towns. There are an average of three hours sailing per day. We will sleep in sheltered coves and bays where the sea is completely calm; we also spend couple nights in the most beautiful ports in the area. The charted area has several alternatives for shelter, so any weather situation is foreseen in advance and handled smoothly. Dizziness doesn’t last very long, as the body adapts perfectly to the boat in a few hours.

  • What types of things can I do onboard the boat?

The trip consists of a route on which a wide range of activities is available to everyone onboard. The activities include snorkeling, fishing, sailing and exploring the beaches and islands where we stop. There are also many activities to choose from while we’re on the islands, such as bike routes, hiking, diving and cultural tours.

  • I can’t find the right type of trip and route nor a price that suits me.

The sea routes are the days spent on board the boat. All routes have been created to include the best places in the area. Some are more remote than others, while some include more cultural aspects than others.

First, determine the sea route duration and location you prefer. Later decide if you want to expand this route by including a trip on land with some of the itineraries that are available at each destination.

Finally, with this information you should Contact us to ask for a quote or have a look at the prices section for each itinerary. For any questions you can call the number listed in Contact us.

  • Can the trip be shorter than one week?

The trip cannot be shorter than one week. Boats are rented by the week in the Mediterranean – from Saturday to Saturday – and for a minimum of 8 days in tropical destinations.

  • What are the boats like?

The boats we sail on in the Mediterranean are usually sailboats, although they can be catamarans for which a closed group with a specific number of people is required. In tropical locations we sail on catamarans. (See sailing cruise: sailboat or catamaran for more details).

These types of boats are 12 or 16 meters are for 9-11 people. They have everything necessary to be able to explore even the littlest part of the coast, including an inflatable dinghy so we can get off at every cove and beach we wish. Larger boats do not allow for such close proximity to the coast.

Besides being great sailing ships, they also have all the necessary amenities to enjoy an adventure at sea: double cabins, an outdoor table, a solarium area, and a kitchen with an oven. They also have all the necessary safety equipment for anything that could possibly occur.

  • Can I make changes the sea route that is on the map?

Changes can be made when it’s an organized group tour with a set number of people. In the case of Croatia, this is possible and we can go where the group decides. You also have the option to choose the type of boat you want.

  • How are onboard responsibilities assigned?

The onboard tasks are distributed among the crew. Obviously, the tasks related to navigation and organization of the boat are carried out by the organizer, Melee Travels. All other tasks such as cooking, cleaning and more are divided within the crew; usually two groups are formed to carry out the tasks, alternating so that everyone has free time to enjoy.