Best Greek Islands: Most Beautiful Greek Islands

Travelling through some of the best Greek islands by boat in an archipelago of more than fourteen hundred islands and islets, blue skies and endless coasts with some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe will not disappoint anyone. In the Greek islands it’s easy to find what you are looking for, whether it is staying on one island, jumping from one to the next, a luxurious getaway or a place to setup tent. With so many islands spread over the deep blue sea, a traveler can feel like a kid in a candy store, unable to decide which to choose.

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Best Greek Ionian Islands


Zakynthos Island

best-greek-islands-zakynthosZakynthos in Greek, or Zante in Italian, is considered one of the best Greek islands as far as beaches are concerned; it’s a fascinating island. Although it is often wrongly associated with organized tourism on the east and southeast coasts, the central and western regions are known for their wild and evocative nature. The Venetians called this island “The Flower of the East”. Its people are very welcoming and they are great cooks. The southern area has the honor of hosting one of the last remaining habitats of the Mediterranean species of the loggerhead turtle. Zante has the highest density of nests of the Ionian Sea, about eleven hundred along the 5 km of the Bay of Laganas.

Ithaca Island

best-greek-islands-ithakiSheltered between Kefalonia and the mainland, Ithaca is believed to be the mythical home of Homer’s Ulysses, where his faithful wife Penelope waited for him patiently despite the siege of many suitors. This peaceful island is formed by two large peninsulas connected by a narrow isthmus and dotted with huge cliffs, steep mountains and extensive olive groves and cypresses. Lovely villages, many of which were rebuilt after the earthquake of 1953, and hidden coves with rocky beaches complete the enchantment. Byzantine monasteries and churches offer wonderful views. Ithaca’s small size of guarantees spectacular changes in landscape over short distances. Sometimes it’s possible to see the entire island overlooking the ocean and surrounding islands.

Best of the Greek Saronic Gulf Islands


Hydra Island:

best-greek-islands-hydraHydra remains the jewel of the Saronic Islands. It features such details as the absence of urban power lines and there are no cars or motorcycles on the streets. The island has always attracted many tourists, luxury cruise passengers, and occasionally a celebrity who wants to go by unnoticed and hidden in the picturesque houses that rise above the harbor. Beyond the village there is great natural beauty, accessible to those who wish to walk, mostly uphill.


Best of the Greek Cyclades Islands


Santorini Island

best-greek-islands-santoriniSantorini leaves visitors speechless. It is definitely is considered one of the best Greek islands. Even those who have seen it all succumb this surreal landscape, a relic of what was probably the biggest documented volcanic eruption in recorded history. The experience is shared with hordes of tourists, but the island manages to overcome the invasion. Santorini is famous for its spectacular sunsets over the sea. The village of Oia on the northern tip of the island is the ideal place to observe here that nothing comes before the view. Santorini also has some interesting black sand beaches, Kamari and Perissa, on the eastern part of the island. And while the famous ruins of Akrotiri are closed and will not open in the near future, the old Tera in Kamari is an important settlement.

Syros Island

best-greek-islands-syrosSiros is a real mix of traditional and modern Greece. It is one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades (its coastal outline is extravagantly reminiscent of the British Isles), but it’s the judicial and administrative center of the whole archipelago, its transport center by way of ferry and the island where Hermópolis is found, the most beautiful town in the Cyclades. It’s worth discovering one of the most attractive islands of the Aegean, with several excellent beaches, unbeatable dining options and the best of Greek daily life.


Amorgos Island

best-greek-islands-amorgosAmorgos is located southeast of the main group of islands. This exquisite island rises from the sea forming a plume of pointed mountains extending over 30 km, rising to 822 m. The southeast coast is extremely steep. There is an extraordinary monastery, nestled in the face of a huge cliff. The northern half of the coast is equally spectacular, although it softens a little at the steep bay where the small harbor and town of Katapola is found. Though there is the chance to bask in the sun, Amorgos’ main attractions are the archaeological remains, nature and the Cycladic way of life.


Best of the Greek Dodecanese Islands


Rhodes Island

best-greek-islands-rodasThe island of Rhodes is the jewel in Dodecanese crown and its people are considered some of the most beautiful in the Greek islands. Rhodes welcomes the traveler with its pleasant climate and seduces him with the best of both worlds: a vibrant and cultured capital, and beautiful beaches. There is a lot to see – peaceful villages and countless places to get lost, from the roads that wind through the mountains to the old city’s labyrinthine streets. In fact, Rhodes is a World Heritage Site. Furthermore, this is a good starting point for day trips to nearby islands, and it is ideal for families. It is not surprising that many choose it as their only destination.

Kos Island

best-greek-islands-cosWith some of the best beaches in the Dodecanese, archaeological sites and abundant vegetation, it’s not surprising that Kos such a popular destination. The city of Kos has a great atmosphere and attracts tourists from luxury tourists to backpackers looking to party. If you get tired of the crowds, there are many places to relax: long sandy beaches, lost villages and remote coves. The city of Kos, with abundant palm trees, pines, oleander and hibiscus, its garden squares and shopping streets contrasts the stunning Greek and Roman ruins you’ll also find there.

Best of the Northeast Aegean Greek Islands


Ikaria and Fourni Islands

best-greek-islands-fourniThe Ikaria and Fourni islands are among the most magical Northeast Aegean Islands. Ikaria’s landscapes are spectacular while varied: deep wooded gorges, rocky landscapes and hidden beaches with calm blue waters. The bare hills of Fournis small islets loom on the horizon over a sea rich in lobsters. These islands have eclectic, even mythical histories. In their day the Fourni islands were a hideout for pirates, a constant nuisance to the Byzantine and Ottoman rulers. In Greek mythology, the birth of Dionysus, god of wine, took place in Ikaria. Although these islands are very quiet, you can take part in all kinds of activities. They’re a great place for walking, swimming, cycling or joining the carefree summer panigyria (the annual celebrations of the saints).

Best of the Greek Sporades islands


Alonnisos Island

best-greek-islands-alonnisosAlonissos rises from the sea like a green mountain with thick forests of pine and oak, along with mastic bushes, arbutus bushes and fruit trees. The west coast is very steep, but it is dotted with small bays and pebble beaches and a wreck from s. V a.C.. [M1] The sea around Alonnisos has been declared a marine national park and is one of the cleanest in the Aegean. Lovely Alonnisos has had its share of bad luck. The burgeoning wine industry in 1952 was halted after the phylloxera plague wiped out the vines. Then, in 1965, an earthquake destroyed the capital, now called Antigua (Palia) Alonnisos or Hora, located on a hilltop. The inhabitants were resettled in a cement homes in Patitiri.